Road Traffic and Personal Injury Cases

Where road traffic or personal injury accidents have occurred we have been appointed to form an opinion of causation factors and have represented clients where redress against the Local Highway Authority or a third party has been sought. We are also able to provide initial desk top advice on the merits of a case as the first stage in the process.

Examples of our work in this field are:

Our involvement in providing expert witness opinion and a court appearance with respect to the circumstances of a fatal traffic accident in Leeds

Slip / Trip accident cases and alleged negligence cases in Blackpool, Manchester, Morecambe, Blackburn, Burnley, Ingleton, Cheddleton, Bolton, Leyland, Staffordshire, Knowsley, Conway and London.

We are currently working on many more cases, particularly in Southern England.

Require Assistance with Road Traffic or Personal Injury Cases?

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